Short answer?  The data is inconclusive.

Alzheimer’s is a degenerative genetic illness that leads to dementia.  It centers around two proteins that kill brain cells which leads to memory loss and the gradual decline of cognition.  It usually appears in patients in their mid 60’s and higher but can affect those under 65 as well.  According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 10-15% of seniors will be affected by it.  It takes hold subtly and progresses into an incapacitated state which will lead to where full-time patient care is necessitated.  It often leads to a slow and gradual death.

The thing of nightmares.  As seniors get older, every slip of the tongue or lapse in memory makes them think they are developing the condition, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be so scary.  There are ways that anyone can help combat its onset, most of which will be very familiar to those of us at any age who are concerned about their health.  Let’s take a look…

Recently the Mayo Clinic published a list of ways of counteracting the onset of Alzheimer’s, most of which come as no surprise.  The number one way to fight it is universal across all the studies: exercise.  Currently, it is recommended that everyone gets 150 minutes a week of exercise a week for a plethora of reasons.  We all know that.  The thing with seniors is that not only are the physical benefits like cardiovascular, heart, and blood sugar control but the activity alone is helpful.  Keeping an active lifestyle with others is a key to helping your cause.  Socialization and cognitive exercises like puzzles, word games, and reading may lead to the prevention of brain deterioration.

So far this is all predictable stuff.  So how can we err on the side of caution, how can we allay our fears?  Get on board early!  The best treatment is prevention.  Quit smoking now and eat healthily to keep your lungs fresh and numbers low.  The time to start is now!  The 40’s are a pivotal time to start the preemptive fight against illnesses like Alzheimer’s so start the fight now and try to avoid being a statistic!  You’ll live a higher quality life if you do.