What We Do

Choosing a Plan That’s Right for You
We carefully help you choose a plan that fits your health and financial situation. Our plans allow you to see any doctor who takes Medicare, anywhere in the country, with some plans having an international benefit as well. There are no networks with the plans we offer and there is never any need for a referral.

Who We Are

Until his passing in 2014, John Basmajian was the anchor of our agency. With decades of health insurance experience, he set the stage for son Brendan to take over.¬† John’s ambition was to not be an insurance¬†Salesman, but a fiduciary for his clients.

Commissions are not our driving factor; selling plans that perfectly fit our clients’ needs for the long term are what guide us today.

Like John was, Brendan is a long-time Baltimore resident and graduate of the University of Maryland. Brendan started in the insurance industry in 2000 and plans to continue for decades to come.