You may have heard the cliche by now as people are living longer and healthier lives.  What is keeping seniors more vibrant in their 60s and what should be prevented to maintain a robust life? As longevity increases, the quality of life should as well.  Gone on the days when 65 was the threshold to a gradual decline.

Most adults don’t stop working at 65.  I see seniors every day that retire mostly at 68.  They get full social security retirement and are hopefully financially available to throw in the towel at work.  Most seniors take at least a prescription or two they are probably in decent health.  They’ve got loving kids and grandkids and can now ease into retirement.  They come to see me for the Medicare factor, we meet then I send them on their way, fully insured and ready for the golden chapter in their lives.  But what next?  What will help them live for many more years happily and healthily?

Not Falling Apart

Seniors tell me all the time that they “don’t want to do nothing.”  Why?  I thought the senior years were for kicking back.  Atrophy for the body and mind can be an early trip to the grave and seniors know it.  Mental and physical atrophy kills seniors; It lowers their life span and can wreck their body and spirit.  It’s obvious that a sedentary lifestyle can cause physical sickness but social inactivity can lead to mental health issues and a general desire to call it quits.  Loneliness kills and death can be hastened if seniors are not careful.  The senior who stays active with exercise or socially will tack years onto their lives.  Don’t take it from me though, take it from a name America knows well: Mutual of Omaha.  Mutual of Omaha is a leader in the senior health insurance industry and there is one part of their health plans that attest to this.  If a senior buys a Medicare supplement plan, they get a 12% discount if they just live with someone who is 60 or older.  They don’t even have to be married;  Studies show that companionship in our golden years keeps us healthy and increases life years.  It literally pays to have love in their lives.

So Where Will You Be at 65?  Feeling Frisky?

So if the title of this article holds true, they may put 40-somethings to shame.  A financially secure retiree knows the benefits of health and companionship.  They have picked up a lot along the way and have the toolbox to keep going into the 70s, 80s, and hopefully beyond.  It’s better to get on board early and realize what healthy seniors already know; that life can be stretched out with an active regime of exercise and activity.  A holistic approach to physical and mental health can keep the loving senior in your life around for a long time and if they didn’t know our cliche already, hopefully, they can be proud of it now.